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For complete instructions please refer to your prescribing practitioner.


Typically, it will take 10 days for a patient to  become  accustomed to your new orthotics.  Be sure that your orthotics fit flat and level in your shoes.


Do not wear orthotics for athletic activity during the break-in period.  Wait until the 10th day before doing any intense activity such as running or playing sports while wearing your orthotics.


If you experience any joint pain while wearing orthotics stop wearing your orthotics and contact your prescribing practitioner.


Each orthotic is custom made for you and your needs.  This may require you to follow alternative instructions from your prescribing practitioner.

accustomization Guide

Day 1: Wear no longer than 1 hour

Day 2: Wear no longer than 2 hours

Day 3: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break


Day 4: Wear no longer than 3 hours

Day 5: Wear no longer than 5 hours

Day 6: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break


Day 7: Wear no longer than 7 hours

Day 8: Wear no longer than 9 hours

Day 9: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break


Day 10: Wear up to 10 hours

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