The Active Orthoses line gives patients the support and comfort they need for their active lifestyle.  The active line is designed for use in athletic shoe gear and provides patients with the correction they need to stay on their feet.  This line is built to take the day-to-day punishment of active patients while providing the comfort and support necessary to treat their pathologies.

Carbon Sport Model A-2 Carbon Sport Model A-2
All-Sport Model A-1 Classic Sport Model A-3 Classic Sport Model A-3 All-Sport Model A-1
Supporter Model A-5 Supporter Model A-5
Cork & Leather Model A-6 Semi-Flex Model A-4 Semi-Flex Model A-4 Cork & Leather Model A-6
DAS Model A-8 DAS Model A-8
Coleman Model A-9 All-EVA Model A-7 All EVA Model A-7 Coleman Model A-9
Cushion Plus Model A-11
Easy Flex Model A-10 Unit Model A-12

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