Children develop arches in their feet between the ages of 2-6 and undergo rapid ossification from ages 5-14.  Bones do not fully ossify until ages 17-23.   Early treatment and correction can help children develop proper arches and promote proper biomechanics.


Each device we manufacture is molded to the contour of that patient's very own plaster model, therefore, any of our devices can be custom made for a child's foot.  The shell of child's orthoses is selected by patient's weight.  We do offer two models that are child specific, links on the right.


We recommend for children with difficulties holding still, that a foam impression is used to capture the contour of the patient's feet.  If significant correction is required, a plaster cast in neutral position may be the only method to capture proper alignment.


A Client Service representative is available to assist you in selecting the best possible device.

Children's Orthotics
Pediatric Flatfoot Model P-10 Pediatric Flatfoot Model T-10
Pediatric UCBL Model T-6 Pediatric UCBL Model T-6

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