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Dear Patient,


The foot is the foundation of your body. A strong, stable, and biomechanically efficient foot is paramount for  total body health. The alignment or support you receive from your custom made orthotics can help relieve pain or enhance your performance.


Your healthcare practitioner captured an image, impression or casting of your foot that was used at the laboratory to fabricate your orthotics with an exact fit to match the design and function prescribed by your practitioner. Your practitioner may have also prescribed special cushioning, padding, and coverings to address your needs in order to enhance performance, prevent ailments, correct alignment or accommodate you.


Custom-contoured arch support, heel cups, and arch and heel-stabilizing functions are the primary functions of most custom orthotics. Your custom orthotics are unique and different from the internal surfaces of your normal shoe gear. With that in mind, you should become accustomed to them gradually. There are wearing instructions on the opposite page of this pamphlet that are a great guide, but always follow the instructions provided by your practitioner. If pain or discomfort is experienced please consult your practitioner.


You may clean your orthotics by hand using mild soap and warm water.

If you experience squeaking noises, simply rub the edges and bottom surfaces of the orthotics with bar soap or candle wax, leaving a thin coating to stop the squeaking noise.


Enjoy life without pain. Your custom orthotics can play a key roll in keeping you active, comfortable and happy for many years to come.


We are proud that highly skilled lab technicians in the USA fabricated your devices.


Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped

President, Foot in Motion, Inc.

Kevin Rosenbloom, C.Ped

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