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Orthotic Care

Your devices may be washed periodically with soap and warm water.  Allow your devices to air dry.  Do not soak your devices in liquid.  Do not use a heating appliance to dry your devices, i.e., hair dryer, clothing dryer, heat gun, or heat lamp.

Do Handwash your custom orthotics with a mild soap and water After hand washing your custom orthotics, allow them to air dry.

Hand Wash

Air Dry

Typical Wear & Life Span

The lifespan of your devices will depend on a few factors.  A patient's activity level, size, and frequency of use will all have an affect on how long your devices last.  The padding and top covers will typically wear out before the shell and posts.  When you begin to see excessive wear, make an appointment to see your prescribing practitioner.  Following a biomechanical exam, your practitioner may choose to make new devices, if your foot has changed since your orthotics were prescribed, or refurbish the devices you already have.

Do not use heat to dry your custom orthotics Don't

No Heat

Hand wash your custom orthotics.  Do not allow your custom orthoses to soakin water.  Soaking your devices can lead to premature breakdown.

Don't Soak

Inspect Your Orthotics

Taking your devices out of your shoes periodically for cleaning and inspection will ensure that your orthotics are still in good shape, no debris has gotten under your devices causing instability, and no part of the devices is experiencing excessive wear.  If anything appears to be out of the ordinary please do not hesitate to contact you prescribing practitioner.

It is important to remove your devices once in a while to insure that they are sitting flat in your shoes and are free of debris.  

Inspect your devices from time to time!

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