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Thank you for choosing to partner with Kevin Orthotics as your provider of custom prescription foot orthoses.  We will consistently provide you with premium service and products that help your patients and your practice.  We have created this warranty and guarantee to help provide excellent clinical care and to improve patient outcomes. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please call us!  We will always work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes in clinic and business!

Inspection of Incoming Orders

Prior to processing, Kevin Orthotics will inspect and evaluate each incoming order for cast quality, proper markings, and completion of all data entries on the prescription. If an order fails to meet Kevin Orthotics standards, we will call you before work begins on the device.

Parts and Labor Guarantee

We guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.  Top covers, bottom covers, posts, modifications, joints and pads are made from the highest quality materials however do have a life span affected by patient activity levels.  We stand behind our products and materials and will consider any premature failure of our products and materials under warranty valid and covered.

Patient Compliance and Satisfaction

We will adjust the orthoses contours and casting for unlimited times up to three months. We are available to ensure successful patient outcomes during this period. We require specific adjustment directions at the time we receive the device and encourage you to add markings that describe necessary changes.  Additions and accommodations requested after processing of the original prescription will incur charges according to Kevin Orthotics current price list. During this three month period, we will do our utmost to work with you to ensure patient satisfaction with the device.

Shell Guarantee

We only utilize materials that are of the highest quality and therefore can offer a lifetime guarantee of shell breakage (under normal wear and tear).


Shell guarantees exclude devices that have been:

• Intentionally damaged, grossly altered or subjected to extreme or unusual treatment or handling.

• Fabricated from foam or laminate materials.


*All broken shells must be returned to Kevin Orthotics for evaluation.

Credit for Returned Devices

Sorry, Kevin Orthotics does not issue credit for returned devices under any circumstances.  Each device we make is custom and can not be resold or recycled.  If a patient is not happy with their orthosis we will work with you to achieve patient satisfaction under all circumstances.

The Insurance Program (Protect Plan)

The Kevin Orthotics Protect Plan Program offers patients a flexible range of affordable plans that extend the guarantee and adjustment periods for orthoses. According to the plan selected, benefits include coverage during the two-year policy period for adjustments, repairs or replacement of outgrown, lost or irreparably damaged devices.  Practitioners report that the Protect Plan Program helps encourage patients to return for routine care and often improves patient satisfaction levels. Insurance also helps create patient awareness of the need for regular orthotic and biomechanical care.

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