1. Patient evaluation

Following a biomechanical exam, select the appropriate device for your patient's needs.  Each of our devices can be modified to suit the individual patient.  Please call our client service line, 877-767-3338, for assistance in selecting and/or modifying a device to provide the necessary correction required by your patient.

2. Download and Complete Rx

Download the appropriate Rx form and complete.  Each of our Rx forms may be completed electronically using Adobe Reader and saved, great for EMRs.  The form can also be printed and completed by hand.  Click on the appropriate Rx below to download.

3. Cast patient & Ship Order

Cast the patient using any of the following accepted methods (instructional videos available):

     •Foot Orthoses: Plaster Slipper Cast, STS Slipper Sock, or Foam Impression

     •AFO: Plaster Cast (The Rosenbloom Method) or STS Sock above the finished height of the brace

Once the cast have dried, rubber band the completed Rx to the patient's cast(s).  Place the orders into a box with packing material (example: crumpled paper or packing peanuts) to protect the casts during shipment. Use the preprinted shipping labels that were provided to your account.  If you do not have shipping labels, call our client service line, 877-767-3338, and we will promptly email you a shipping label or schedule a courier pickup (courier available for Southern California accounts only).

Your custom order will will be returned to your office within 2-3 weeks of submission.  Foot orthotics are typically in-house for 5 business days, and AFO are typically in-house for 10 business days.  We always do our best to ship your orders as soon as possible.

4. Dispensing & Billing

We have resources available to aid your staff in billing for custom devices.  Billing and coding guides can be downloaded from our Billing/Coding page.  Our client service representatives are available to assist with any billing or coding questions you or your staff may have by calling 877-767-3338.

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