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The Kevin Orthotics Protection Plan can provide you with comprehensive coverage of your new orthotic devices against wear, breakage, loss, theft, and irreparable damage. Our Deluxe Plan also provides outgrowth coverage for a period of TWO YEARS. Three plans are available for your consideration:

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Basic Protection $59

- Repair and refurbishment of your orthotics as originally prescribed by your practitioner for a period of two years


- Replacement coverage of devices is not included

Standard Protection $89

- All repairs and adjustments for a period of two years


-One replacement of lost, stolen, broken or irreparably damaged devices per two year contract period. (A $60 surcharge will apply in instances where old devices are not returned)


- Replacement of outgrown devices is not included

Deluxe Protection $129

- Recommended for pediatric outgrowth protection


- All benefits of the Standard Protection Plan


- Replacement of one lost, stolen, or outgrown pair of orthotics per two year contract period with no surcharge assessed.


• Enrollment in this plan must occur within 90 days after the orthotic devices have been shipped by the lab. Coverage begins the date the devices were shipped to your practitioner and extends for a period of two years.

• The plan does not cover any casting or office visit fees charged to you by your practitioner.  Such charges are your responsibility.

• Return shipping charges may apply

• Kevin Orthotics requires you to consult with your practitioner before making a claim, as we may not act directly on patient requests. The laboratory must have a prescription from your practitioner in order to commence work on your devices.

• The $60 surcharge under the Standard Protection plan applies to all cases in which original orthotic devices cannot be returned to the laboratory.  It’s easy to enroll! Just fill out the information on the bottom of this page and fax or mail it to us with payment.

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