Ski Ortho Pro Model S-2
Prolite - Performance Top Cover
Ski Boot Specific Orthotic
Very Rigid Device
Toe Length Orthotic
Shallow Heel Cup
Ski Ortho Pro Model S-2 - Diagram

Shell Material: 3mm Carbon

Heel Post: 0º Extrinsic Post

Arch Fill: None

Bottom Cover: Suede

Top Cover: 3mm Prolite


Myolite - Performance Soft Tissue Supplement Features: Recommended for :
Narrow Shell
Functional Control Device

- Aggressive skiers

- Skiers requiring maximum response

- Reduced device weight


- Light/rigid carbon shell

- 8mm heel cup

- Minimum cast fill

- Conforming 3mm Prolite top cover

- Narrow finish

The Ski Ortho Pro features a performance driven 3mm carbon shell that offers unmatched response at a fraction of the weight of a polypropylene shell.  It was designed to offer rigid support in place of the flimsy and unsupportive insoles that are provided in standard ski boots.  A 3mm Prolite top cover provides durable comfort that last and resists bottoming out.  This device is finished narrow to provide an excellent fit in low volume ski boots.  Send in tracings of the stock boot insoles to insure a great fit.

Top Cover Options





Micro Suede

Glove Leather

Prolite Top Cover
Vinyl Top Cover
Spenco Top Cover
Plastazote Top Cover
Micro Suede Top Cover
Glove Leather Top Cover
Bottom Cover Options


Micro Suede

Glove Leather

Vinyl Bottom Cover
Micro Suede Bottom Cover
Glove Leather Bottom Cover
Shell Modifications

PF Groove

Medial Flange

Lateral Clip


Button Out

Shell Cut Out

Extension Modifications

Morton's Extension

Reverse Morton's Extension



Balance Pad

Varus Extension

Valgus Extension

Morton's Extension Modification
Reverse Morton's Extension Modification
Dynamic Wedge Modification
Balance Pad Modification
Varus Extension Modification
Valgus Extension Modification
Padding Modifications

Heel Spur Pad

Heel Cushion

Metatarsal Pad

Met Bar Pad

Dancer's Pad

Scaphoid Pad

Heel Spur Pad Modification
Heel Cushion Modification
Metatarsal Pad Modification
Met Bar Pad Modification
Dancer's Pad Modification
Scaphoid Pad Modification

Neuroma Pad

Heel to

Toe Cushion

Toe Filler

(Shoes must be included with order for proper fit)

Neuroma Pad Modification
Heel To Toe Cushion Modification
Toe Filler Modification
Posting Modifications


Rearfoot Post


Rearfoot Post

Heel Lift


Forefoot Post

Extrinsic Rearfoot Post
Intrinsic Rearfoot Post
Heel Lift Modifications
Extrinsic Forefoot Post
Casting Modifications
Medial Arch Fill

No Cast Fill

Minimum Cast Fill

No Cast Fill
Minimum Cast Fill

Standard Cast Fill

Maximum Cast Fill

Standard Cast Fill
Maximum Cast Fill
Heel Fat Pad Expansion

Standard 3mm

Maximum 6mm

Standard Fat Pad Expansion
Maximum Fat Pad Expansion
Heel Skive
Heel Skive Modification

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