Solid Ankle Model T150

Suggested L-Codes:  L1960, L2275


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Casting Instructions Recommended For Features

- Drop foot

- Weak or absent plantar flexors and/or dorsi flexors

- Severe degenerative arthritis

- Lateral and medial instability of subtalar joint

- Trauma

- Stroke

- Hemiplegia

- Traditional AFO applications and patients with

  indications listed above

- Custom molded 4mm polypropylene shell

- Intrinsic posting

- Low volume

- Closure with tibial pad

- Choice of topcovers

Semi-weight bearing, 90 degree cast, above the height of the finished brace required for optimal fit

Clinical Indications


Customization Options

White Shell


Black Shell

Varus Or Valgus

Correction Strap

Additional  Code: L2270

EVA Arch Fill

Plastazote Liner

Pink or Blue

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