Tamarack Dorsi-Assist Model A300


Suggested L-Codes:  L1970, L2275, L2820, L2210, L2210


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Clinical Indications


- Paralytic equinis or "drop foot"

- Adult acquired flatfoot stage III & IV

- Mild PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)

- Talocalcanial varus or valgus

- Mild to moderate DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)

- Ankle instability

- Mild to moderate pronation

- Mild to moderate supination

- Trauma


- Tamarack DorsiFlexion Assist Flexure Joint

     - 75 durometer

- Custom molded 4mm polypropylene shell

- Soft lining



Recommended For

- Patients who require moderate to severe drop foot

  management as well as above indications

Casting Instructions

Semi-weight bearing, 90 degree cast, above the height of the finished brace required for optimal fit

Customization Options

Posterior Bar

Plantar Heel

Cut Out

Arch Lifter



Shin Guard

Calf Lacer

Extension Length Options

Met Length

Sulcus Length

Full Length

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