Tamarack Free Motion Model T200


Suggested L-Codes:  L1970, L2275


- Mild posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

- Mild degenerative arthritis

- Lateral and medial instability of subtalar joint

- Sinus tarsi syndrome

- Severe pronation

- Chronic ankle instability

- All ankle injuries including high ankle sprains

- Trauma


- Custom molded 4mm polypropylene shell

- Intrinsic posting

- Closure with tibial pad

- Articulating bar joint or Tamarack Flexure Joint

- Choice of topcovers


Recommended For

- Traditional AFO applications that require full ankle

range of motion and patients with indications listed above

Casting Instructions

Semi-weight bearing, 90 degree cast, above the height of the finished brace required for optimal fit


* Pictured with Plastazote liner and Plantar Stop modifications

Customization Options

White Shell


Black Shell

Varus Or Valgus

Correction Strap

Additional  Code: L2270

EVA Arch Fill

Plantar Stop

Limit Strap

Plastazote Liner

Pink or Blue

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