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Product: T150 Solid Ankle

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the custom ankle brace you made for me is working out. At the fitting in Dr. Braxton Little's office, I recall you saying I would be stoked with it. Seriously, I AM STOKED!! The support is phenomenal and I've even started running again, building up my treadmill sessions to 20 minutes now. My sister also noticed my ankle looking better.


So anyway, thank you! If I ever come across anyone with an ankle instability issue such as mine or other podiatry issues, you will be the one I refer them to.


And if you need any help in the online marketing area, I'd be more than happy to help.


Stay Stoked,

John, California

Product: G200 Free Motion

I met Kevin at the Foot and Ankle Institute in Santa Monica.  I can't tell you how impressed I am with his professionalism and knowledge.  For years, I have suffered severe pain in my ankle and have been at a loss for what was the cause.  As a fitness professional, it has not only been physically very difficult to live with continual pain but psychologically depressing and frustrating to no end.  I have seen MANY, MANY doctors and never got a really clear picture of what was going on.  When being fitted for a boot, Kevin took ample time with me to really understand my issues and to examine my foot.  He then made an assessment  of my situation which I went home and googled.  EVERYTHING he said, from the diagnosis to the treatment options was right on point. After so much confusion and discouragement, I finally felt encouraged that there was an accurate diagnosis with many possible solutions.  Feeling like someone heard me and paid attention to what I was going through made me walk with a new kick in my pun intended:)  Kevin is so passionate about what he knows as well as generous with his time and empathy.  I highly recommend Kevin Orthotics!


Tracy, California

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