Traditional CROW Model C100

Suggested L-Codes:  L4631


Clinical Indications

- Neuropathic ulcerations due to diabetes

- Charcot deformities of the foot and/or ankle

- Calcaneal or toe amputations

- Trauma

- Pre or post surgical intervention of mid & hind foot


- Custom molded 5-6 mm polypropylene

- Bi-valve construction

- 35 durometer puff lining

- Removable and adjustable insert

- Dual pull closure

- Customizable Sole - Heel to Toe Rocker Standard

Recommended For

- Any patient with indications listed above

Casting Instructions

90 degree cast above the height of finished CROW with optimal knee relationship to the foot is required for optimal fit.  Toes should be slightly hyperextended, causing a natural rocker of the forefoot.  Inclusion of a weight bearing tracing of the foot in addition to casting is preferred.

Special Notes

- Finished height of the shell is limited to 14"


Customization Options

Perforated Shell

Open Toe

Rocker Sole Options

Mid Rocker

Heel-to-Toe Rocker

Toe Only Rocker


Angle Rocker


Heel Rocker

Double Rocker

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